Oh my... who remembers Livejournal? Back then we used these things called "icons" or "avatars" (do teens still use those names?) which I guess serve the same purpose as the "profile pics" or "pfps" of nowadays, lol, except we could use a different icon for every post, so they were more like "mood-of-the-day icons" than properly pfps. It wasn't uncommon to use an icon from a specific episode when discussing it for instance which explains why so many of these are just OtoHina.

Even though back then I used to make a lot of icons, sadly most of them were lost to the flow of time. Here are a few remaining ones, which you can still use as your pfp or whatever else. Since there weren't that many LJ icons I also included some avatars I used on websites like isketch or forums, which aren't 100x100. Anyways, feel free to use them!

Angel Beats

Code Geass




Nyan Koi

Ouran Host Club

Shinshi Doumei Cross