Hello, and welcome to Zeroshiki, a (very retro) website inspired by the MP3 Rotations of the oldens. For more info on that, please read the manifesto.

The name "Zeroshiki" (零色) stems from the homonymous song released by Japanese rock band MUCC in their 2010 album "Karma" .

You are currently viewing its first rendition, featuring images of Hitsugi (柩) who is a guitarist inm the Japanese rock band ナイトメア (Nightmare).

Feel free to use the menu to your right to navigate the website.


05.11.2023. Added a page dedicated to Buck-Tick in honor of Atsushi Sakurai for now and there is the intent to share my favorite songs tomorrow but lolwhoknows ; ; . Anyways!
08.09.2023. We are live!!
Did it take a (long) while? Absolutely. But, hey. Suddenly, content! Yaay.
Loving how unapologetically retro this is! 13y.o me edited the top image for a Neopets lookup or smn (remember when we called these "blends"? yeahh..) and then present me slapped the website's title on the top image and color-edited some background from freeglitters because that's how we roll in this house. Coding took a little longer than it seems (meaning it took 2 hours instead of 5 minutes) because I forgot vertical-align exists (it's true). Tried to make a fun menu by rotating the items using :nth-child but the 'li's are 'a's actually so that was tricky and I gave up lol. Maybe future me will take care of this!! (likely won't)
Anyways, this Hitsugi blend was one of my oldschool faves that I never put to good use, and since this website is inevitably MUCC themed anyway might as well go for a bandomen for its first layout ;)
This website is, obviously, under construction, but I hope you can enjoy whatever is already on air ♡