Like, truthfully speaking, live concerts are like the fourth thing that I miss the most about the pre-pandemic world (of course #1 is "people who passed away," and number 2 is "feeling relatively biologically safe after going out for a walk" and #3 is "knowing how the hell I am supposed to behave at work/uni," with a honorable mention to "businesses that closed down" in like 3.5 maybe). Though I love concerts I haven't been to many as it's often expensive/timely/etc. and I can't afford it as much as I'd like but thought I'd share my experiences anyway.

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Ana Carolina
Brazilian singer. The concert happened in my town and was cheap, so I went "why not?" . Me and my friend seemed to be the only non-couple there so that was AWKWARD lol but it was amazing! She is OOF loved that, best songs
✰ 2014.07.18
Three times in anime cons actually. I SO wanted to see them live so I could scream JIBUN WOOO, and I couldn't attend their first concert here (which happened in 2013) so I was afraid I wouldn't get to see them ever. Thankfully they came back plenty of times and it was BOMB! The first time I arrived late and couldn't get too close even with a VIP Pass but it was SO GOOD I sang along everything! I wanted Word of Voice and didn't get it :( but we got Ai Ai Ai ni Utarete Bye Bye Bye (and Samumenco was my AOTS) so it was great! The other couple of times I didn't purchase the VIP pass and was in cosplay so I didn't bother trying to get too close, but in 2018 they had a Code Geass moment and I was ! ! ! OVERJOYED. (And lowkey regretful I didn't attend in Code Geass cosplay and took the opportunity to take a picture but damn;) Anyways THEY ARE SO DAMN GOOD EVERY TIME. Thanks!
A bit of a letdown as they didn't sing my favorite songs! Back when Kuragehime aired I loved "Kimi wo Kirei ni Kizuite Okure" and I think that song got a lot of people into them but they didn't play it nor the one for Hataraki Man so... I'm not into Bleach or Naruto so it was a bit, oh, bummer, but it was a good live yea.
✰✰✰ 2017.07.09
This one was special as I was a huge TMR fan and for years my dream was quite literally seeing him live and FINALLY he played here. It was so nice being there and realizing other people were just as excited as I was - there were people cosplaying Hot Limit even! It was really good seriously ; as it was his first live here in Brazil I was kinda worried he'd only sing newer songs but that wasn't the case at all, so yeah big nostalgia time! We all were expecting an abs cover that didn't happen but oh well. Also I got to stay close to him in the picture ; ; ; ♥_♥ but all I mustered the courage to say was "THANK YOU I WAITED FOR SO LONG" oh well lol
Asian Kung Fu Generation
This happened in the same con as the TMR one and, though I like AKFG I couldn't afford to spend so much in a single day so I didn't get VIP pass for this one ; I regret it though because it was SO GOOD. They literally played ALL my favorite songs one after another, from Solanin to Kimi to Iu Hana to Rewrite to Angou no Waltz and I couldn't stop singing along! It was such a magical coincidence ~ THRILLED.
✰✰✰ 2018.07.22
Honestly I only went because a friend had purchased VIP and couldn't go on the day so I borrowed the pass. Lol. She only asked for the autograph so I said yea sure. (Don't think I ever got to give it to her as I ended up losing it / getting it crumpled in my bag WHOOPS ) But. Hey. He's good!!
Block B
Anyone remember the damned brazilian company who screwed up everything and Latin American fans who paid for concert tickets found out 3 days before the concert that it had been cancelled? Haha yeah..... we were so EXCITED and then out of the blue it was cancelled and I was traumatized! Hoooooray
✰✰✰ 2019.09.15
Henrique & Juliano
✰ 2019.11.02
Yay, it's brazilian music again lol not much to say other than "I SANG ALONG EVERYTHING" ?!
✰✰✰ 2018.05.26
✰✰✰ 2020.01.25
He had come to my country three times before 2011 but I was a minor and in 2018 I had purchased tickets but there was a strike and my car couldn't get there. :( Surprisingly, he came back unexpectedly quickly - it was such a good experience as I was with the same friend from the other lives and it was so fun and all I had wanted to experience in years prior ; also he happened to play my favorite song of his - Kimi ni Negai wo - kinda unexpectedly and dedicated it to people who had lost someone they loved (why I love it so ...) so. It was pretty wild experience (everyone there was kinda punkish?) and I was kinda wasted even though I didn't drink anything (the marijuana smell in queue tho???) and ended up having to sit down a lot and fell badly ill afterwards ... probably wasn't some regular flu but oh well. All is well that ends well right lol.
After that I didn't attend any lives yet because of quarantine lol bummer ; ; the good part is well, I didn't really want to - my last few experiences made me feel particularly old and "not that type" anymore ; ; but, at the same time, typing this made me really nostalgic too. TT___TT