So, here's a page for musicians and bands-related merch I own - mostly albums (which I collect for unknown reasons seeing as I only listen to music on streaming services nowadays, LOL) as well as some assorted merch related to some of my favorite acts, and a few (mostly oldschool) devices I use to listen to music like earphones, ipods and so on.

As of now, this page is severely lacking 1) updates (because I own many more albums ; ; ) 2) pictures, particularly of my merch but oh well.

Regarding the albums, feel free to ask me if you'd like me to rip so you can listen to any of these - I ain't terribly protective I just haven't done that yet bc ... I'm lazy ....... but yeah I might take up requests eventually!


Artist Album Format Purchase
Aoi Shouta Flower physical 2020.09.30
Miyavi This Iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock physical 2020.09.30
Miyavi Kimi Ni Negai Wo physical 2020.09.30
Nightmare Majestical Parade physical 2018.04.02
Nightmare Love[Cliip]per physical (dvd) 2020.09.09
Nightmare Love[Cliiip]per physical (dvd) 2020.09.09
Nightmare Tour [anima]lism At Zepp Tokyo physical (dvd) 2017.11.29
Psycho Le Cemu Risokyo Ryoko Zepp physical (dvd) 2020.09.30
Block B Blooming Period digital 2016.11.26
Block B Montage digital 2017.11.10
Block B Blockbuster physical 2017.11.26
Block B Welcome to The Block Repackage physical 2017.11.29
Block B New Kids On The Block physical/signed 2017.11.29
Happy Pledis 2012 Love Letter physical 2017.11.29
Pentagon Five Senses physical 2018.09.28
Pentagon Pentagon physical/signed 2018.11.21
Pentagon Ceremony physical 2018.11.21
Pentagon DEMO_01 physical/signed 2018.11.21
Pentagon DEMO_02 physical 2018.11.21
Pentagon Positive physical 2018.11.21
Pentagon Genie:us physical 2020.11.11
Pentagon Sum(me:r) physical 2020.12.06
Pentagon Universe: The Black Hall (upside ver.) physical 2020.12.06
Pentagon Universe: The Black Hall (downside ver.) physical 2020.12.06
Pentagon We:th (seen ver.) physical 2020.12.01
Pentagon We:th (unseen ver.) physical 2020.12.01
Pentagon Love Or Take (mild ver.) physical 2021.03.26
Pentagon Love Or Take (romantic ver.) physical 2021.03.26
Royal Pirates Hasta La Vista physical/signed 2020.12.22 2017.09.29
Royal Pirates 3.3 physical/signed 2020.12.22
Seventeen Boys Be (seek ver.) physical 2018.09.20
Seventeen TEEN;AGE (white ver.) physical 2018.09.18
Seventeen Going Seventeen (mih ver.) physical 2018.09.20
Seventeen Al1 (all ver.) physical 2018.09.20
Seventeen 17 Carat physical 2018.09.20
Seventeen Love & Letter physical 2018.09.20
Laboum Two Of Us physical 2020.11.25


Artist Type Merch Comments
Amai Bouryoku bag Tote bag Got secondhand from someone who found it on Y!JP IIRC.
Fall Out Boy book Omnibus Press Presents The Story of Fall Out Boy Rather old fanbook. Super fun to remember old times FOB
Fall Out Boy cap 2006 Virtis / Bandmerch Fall Out Boy tour cap Secondhand ; apprently was a Summer of Like '06 era tour merch probs
Fall Out Boy shirt Gildan "Infinity on High" shirt (made in Nicaragua) Old times IOH shirt. A little oversized but feels super comfy.
Fall Out Boy hoodie Dear Future Self Pullover Hoodie Got this on the website for $25 and love how the color fits my wardrobe nicely
Pentagon lightstick Official Lightstick ver 1 Failed to buy it at the 2019 concert as it sold out :( got it secondhand later yay
Pentagon calendar 2021 Seasons Greetings I wasn't ballin in 2021 I was just an essential worker going crazy I swear
misc. (v系) magazine SHOXX #279 May 2016 & features Nightmare on the cover - since I was getting back into vk and Naito was going on a hiatus it was meaningful. Super pretty pix
misc. (v系) magazine ROCK AND READ #068 Featuring Buck-Tick and there's a poster as well!


Brand Model Comments
Kbear Stellar My go-to earphones for whenever I go outside. More resistant than they look. Unfortunately the model's quality dropped along the years :( .
Bose OE2 My favorite from my favorite company - small/great fit, overear, no active noise cancelling so A++ for my needs ~
Sony MDR W08L A Walkman model. Maybe it's because I grew up on these but IMHO nothing compares to old Sony Walkman line models. This one in particular is so lightweight it's easy to forget you're wearing them.
Ruizu X50 Budget - very small, very cute, very comfy :) very listenable too! It's no iPod but it's up there